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Meet Erica Martin, Chief of Everything

Erica Martin, Chief of Everything at Pixel Jam Digital

I am an extroverted developer and professional geek who is passionate about making the web a more accessible space through education and empowerment.

I started dabbling with "digital design" back in the days of AOL when users could customize their profiles using ASCII code. My habit of customization developed into a skill for website development so I could continue learning how to connect back-end programming to front-end design.

After graduating from the University of Missouri with a BS in Computer Science/Information Technology, plus a minor in Fine Art, I accepted my first “grown-up” job of developing applications for embedded systems. However, there was very little visual output in comparison to website design, so I moved on to become a part of one of the best, in-house marketing teams at a national company. But, with great power comes little innovation (nope, not a Stan Lee quote) and I eventually wanted more; more to learn, more to do, and more to know.

I thrive on being challenged and solving problems, so I used my knowledge of website programming and user behavior to apply similar principles to digital marketing and began managing PPC, SEO and content strategy at an advertising agency… yet I still craved more.

Now, I am Pixel Jam Digital. I want to provide my analytic thinking, digital development, design assets and empathy to create stronger strategies across multiple platforms for other business wanting to grow.

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