Turns out web design was not just a phase.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away sat a tween. Her parents had recently purchased a personal computer that came in a box decorated like a cow. After creating an account on America Online she found her profile to be extremely bland and took it upon herself to learn what ASCII code was and how to make her profile more exciting. Eventually she would learn how to "code" her friends' MySpace profiles for fun. 

What. A. Nerd.

Since 2018, Pixel Jam Digital has grown into a team of three nerdy girlies who are passionate about helping small businesses succeed. We translate geek speak and train your team members on the technical aspects of your website - whether you hire us to design, develop or report. Our promise is to be transparent in our business processes so you can trust and feel good about your investment.

Awards, honors, and other humble brags!

  • Member of Hawthorn Bank's Columbia Business Leaders Committee
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