Meet the Geeks

Pixel Jam Digital has grown into a team of three nerdy girlies who are passionate about helping small businesses succeed. We translate geek speak and train your team members on the technical aspects of your website - whether you hire us to design, develop or report. Our promise is to be transparent in our business processes so you can trust and feel good about your investment.
Because GIRLS just wanna have fun and funky websites!

Nerdy girlies, assemble:

Erica Martin

Director of Everything + Lead Web Developer

Erica is an extroverted developer and professional geek who is passionate about making the web a more accessible space through education and empowerment. As much as she loves all-things Internet, she's equally invested in disrupting the traditional 8-5 corporate culture by building a community with her clients and employees.

Some of her favorite things:

  • Video game: Battlefield 1942 with Galactic Conquest mod
  • Food: Sushi OR avocado toast on fresh sourdough (because she's millennial like that)
  • Nerd fandom: Star Wars
  • Color: Turquoise and magenta (duh!)
  • Emoji: 😭

Eve Coviello

Business Operations

Eve is a versatile professional with over a decade of experience, specializing as a Human Resource Professional. Recently, she obtained a paralegal certification, adding a legal dimension to her skill set. She has a passion for structure, organization and law. At Pixel Jam Digital, she takes charge of accounting, operations and human resources. 

Some of her favorites:

  • Video Game: Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty and SIMS
  • Food: Medium Rare Steak, Lamb Bone Marrow and Sunflower Seeds
  • Emoji: ❤️
  • Fandom: Backstreet Boys
  • Movie: The Godfather

Emily Latimer

Digital Content Editor

As a full-time mom and part-time co-web developer, Emily balances her world of coding and parenting with a full heart and if freetime exists she is often found kneading sourdough, constructing 12:1 miniatures for her daughter's treehouse story time lamp, or brewing tinctures/herbal remedies.

(Please note: spiraling ADHD controls the direction of her creative journeys, so accuracy of the noted interests are likely to or already have changed).

Some of her consistent favorites:

  • Video Game: Rollercoaster Tycoon (the OG version)
  • Food: Naan, Tikka Masala, and Saag (If not home cooked... then India's House for the win)
  • Nerd Fandom: Herb nerd
  • Color: Wildly varies (regularly drawn to plum tones)
  • Emoji: 🙃
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