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User Misbehavior

If you’re already familiar with the terms UI, WUI and GUI then you know these aren’t referring to Donald Duck’s nephews. User Interface (UI), Web User Interface (WUI) and Graphical User Interface (GUI) can describe many types of customer-facing design which accepts input. User interface design is a critical step in the process of creating […]

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Big Heart, Little Arms

Yesterday was one of those days where I got to have fun making other people happy — no strings attached. Jill Dudley of 34th Street Marketing and I went gallivanting through The District hugging anyone who wanted a little extra love on Valentine's Day. We stopped by businesses, held a mini dance party in front […]

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Happy Birthentine's Day

Do you know what today is?! My birthday + Valentine's Day = Birthentine's Day I get that not everyone loves their birthday, or the modern adaptation of Valentine's Day, but I certainly do. I enjoy any excuse to celebrate and have fun, making today the perfect mashup of holidays. (You can blame this personality trait […]

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6 Straightforward Google Ads Tips for the PPC Novice

If you’re trying to manage your Google Ads account and despise those articles simply suggesting you “start small” and “be creative with your copy,” then here are six straightforward Google Ads tips to help a true PPC novice — minus the BS.

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I Am Pixel Jam (Digital)

This first, official post was almost titled, “Who the eff is Pixel Jam Digital?” Except since it wasn’t being written in the voice of Sam Jackson it was promptly decided against.

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