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Responsive Web Design

Off-the-shelf site setup

If you're looking to just get started, I offer a standard WordPress build to entrepreneurs who are anxious to launch "version 1.0" of their website as quickly as possible, and within a more limited budget. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please contact me to schedule a free consultation so we can talk about needs, wants and additional features to ensure a speedy site launch!

Custom website design

Many business owners and creative teams can picture their ideal website, but find it's more tricky to translate their idea to the web than they predicted. I can help by turning that imagined layout to front-end code so the site looks amazing and functions flawlessly.

Why hire a hybrid designer/developer?

Traditional website designers can create pixel-perfect mockups in a visual editor, but cannot necessarily write code. On the other hand, many developers know their code inside and out, but the final presentation may look as if Picasso tried to learn PHP.

I, however, have experience in both website design, front-end development, and back-end information architecture. I believe that form and function can co-exist to create vibrant digital media users want to engage with. Additionally, I am:

  • platform-agnostic,
  • open in my communication about the project process and timeliness,
  • able to train and educate to ensure future compatibility,
  • and available for a free 30-minute consultation to review the initial scope of all projects.

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