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Missouri River Relief
The goal of redesigning Missouri River Relief's new website was to refresh the organization’s website so that it was more engaging to individuals wanting to get involved with stewardship along the Missouri River.
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About their organization.
Missouri River Relief’s mission is to engage individuals and communities along the Missouri River in the exploration, enjoyment, restoration and care of the river through hands-on river cleanups, education programs and recreation.
Aaaaall the juicy details about the project!

Erica initially met with the Executive Director of Missouri River Relief to get a high-level overview of what wasn’t working on the old website, and what was needed from the new website. She then proceeded to hold a kickoff meeting with their Operations Manager to outline the site map, consult on copywriting, and ensure she had access to all branding materials.

Next, Erica built the initial structure of the website incorporating all necessary design elements before reconvening with the River Relief team to finesse the content. Once all content was approved, Erica proceeded with testing the front-end and back-end code to guarantee it would be functional prior to launching the site.

As the project was wrapping up, Erica created a how-to document for the organization detailing how to edit and maintain the website to serve as a walkthrough for any staff member who would be working on the website.

Awesome things we definitely did not force them to say.
“Near the completion of the project, Erica had met with our entire staff to walk through the WordPress and Oxygen platform and really brought it down to our level. Erica also worked very hard to create a how-to document for our organization, which continues to help us through the editing and maintenance process.”
Kevin, Missouri River Relief
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