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Website hosting tends to be an afterthought for most business owners. Some providers *cough GoDaddy cough* like to take advantage of people not knowing the terminology or facts-and-figures, and simply offer the cheapest service imaginable.

We entrust SiteGround as our partner to provide reliable hosting.

SiteGround's infrastructure runs on Google Cloud, and we've selected a data center in the Midwest to serve our websites from to make things as speedy as possible. 

Plus, they're working toward improving sustainability in tech. In 2023, SiteGround planted a forest with over 11,000 trees, and estimate 3x less CO2 emissions from websites hosted on their platform, compared to the average website!

The cost? $250 per year.

We hold an agency license with one of their Cloud servers that allows us to manage your hosting for you!

What our website hosting package does include:

Monthly core Wordpress and plugin updates.
SSL security certificate.
Daily, automated backups.
Security site scanner that checks for vulnerabilities or malicious software.
Staging environment for future development.
Full FTP access to your root directory.

What our website hosting package does not include:

24/7 support or customer service.
Troubleshooting/fixing issues outside of hosting.
DNS or Nameserver management.
Every website project starts with a conversation:
Yes, even projects related to website hosting! Let's chat through your needs, together, to make sure we can provide the hosting service you need to make your website even better.
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