Grab a website audit from your favorite nerds.

A website audit is a great starting place for organizations who aren't ready for a full website overhaul, but are still wanting to make improvements. (Maybe you just don't know where to start!)

You get to decide where to reinvest in your website.

Our team will bust out our favorite nerd tools to scope the details of your website and provide you with an overly detailed report on what and how you can make improvements. Then, we'll arrange a check-in meeting to review the notes together.

The cost? $250 flat.

Plus, if you decide you'd rather have us do the work for you, we have several hourly packages available!

What our website audits do include:

Review technical, on-page and off-page SEO.
Check general accessibility against WCAG 2.2 AA standards.
Provide a full list of necessary changes as well as overall recommendations.
A breakdown of terminology and links to critical reports that explain the results.
Post-audit meeting to review our notes.

Every website project starts with a conversation:

Just like our other services, we still want to start with a conversation to make sure what we're providing is exactly what you need. And, we promise the process is much less scary than an audit from the IRS.
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