Website Scholarship for Nonprofits

Nominate an Organization for a Custom Website

Nominations are open through July 5, 2024.
For the past few years, Pixel Jam has selected a nonprofit organization to donate a custom website to. We know there are so many organizations worthy of a new website, so tell us who you think should be the recipient!
Nomination Requirements:
Registered 501(c)(3), or in the process of registering with a minimum of one year in business.
The nonprofit should demonstrate a significant positive impact on their community. This can be measured by the number of people served, types of services offered, or specific success stories.
The mission and activities of the nonprofit should align with our company's values and goals.
Have a need for a new website that will significantly benefit their operations and outreach.
Willing to let us add "Donated by Pixel Jam Digital" in the footer of your new website
The fine print: Our scholarship website project will kickoff in late Fall 2024 with a goal launch date of early Spring 2025. (Specific dates are TBD between Pixel Jam and the recipient organization.) This website scholarship grants up to $6,000 in project work. Any estimate exceeding this amount will need to be discussed prior to finalizing the scholarship.
Website Scholarship

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